Procedure: After an initial contact by phone or email and clarification on financing (see costs), a preliminary meeting is setup. We get to know each other and discuss further steps, touching briefly on therapy concepts, goals, concerns. In this time-frame we will review the therapy agreement with regard to fees, cancellation, liabilities, insurance etc. The decision whether to start into a psychotherapy is made together, and usually follows after a diagnostic phase. In the beginning psychotherapy sessions typically take place weekly. Depending on the course of the process and progress made, it is often advisable to shorten the therapy frequency, for example to bi-weekly or monthly sessions.

Diagnosis: Diagnosis is an integral part of therapy. We develop an understanding of our own experience, feeling, thinking and acting through our personal anamnesis/history. As far as testing is concerned, we may choose to involve other professionals for detailed procedures as I currently lack the necessary tools.

Duration: I work according to the motto: as much as necessary, as little as possible. It is important to me not to create any dependencies between therapist and patient. It is hard to predict, how long a therapy will take as each process is very individual. During the course of the therapy we will tackle this question together, possibly also taking into account insights from others involved, such as parents, friends, spouses. We thus use the opportunity to evaluate the progress made so far. We also assess whether a continuation, pause or closure makes sense at a given time.