Procedure: After an initial contact by phone or email and clarification of the finances (see costs), a preliminary meeting is setup. We get to know each other and discuss further steps, after touching on hopes, goals, concerns, as well as possible therapeutic approaches. In the beginning psychotherapy sessions are typically scheduled weekly or every two weeks. Depending on the course of the process and progress made, we re-evaluate the therapy frequency.

Diagnosis: Diagnosis is an integral part of psychotherapy. We develop an understanding of our own experience, feeling, thinking and acting through our personal anamnesis/history. As far as psychological assessments are concerned, we may choose to involve other professionals.

Duration: I work according to the motto: as much as necessary, as little as possible. It is my intent not to create dependencies between therapist and patient. The length of a therapeutic process is hard to predict as each process is a very individual experience. During the course of the therapy we will tackle this question, also taking into account oberservations from the persons environment. We will assess whether to continue, pause or find closure for our therapeutic process.

In the so called “Anordnungsmodell“, which was installed by law July 1st, 2022 the duration of psychotherapy is predetermined. Following the doctors inital prescription for 15 sessions, an evaluation must take place by the therapist and doctor, before another 15 sessions are approved. This procedure is repeated after 30 sessions, however with a mandatory and more thorough psychiatric evaluation.