On this page you will find an overview of the current therapy services. Use the tabs below to take a closer look at the services and the related costs.

Please note the following specifications:

Psychotherapeutic preliminary session: preceding an actual therapy process, we meet once to get to know each other. The meeting takes place in the practice in Brunnen. Subject of this consultation is an introduction to my psychological approach, as well as establishing an understanding of the patient’s concerns and goals, which brought him/her to seek professional support.

This initial meeting is an opportunity for both sides to get a feel for the other. Herein we decide on a possible way forward. In some cases this may also entail my pointing towards an other service/specialist that could be a better fit.

The matching of therapist-patient (how therapist-patient “fit” together) is important for a positive course of treatment. Hence, the preliminary session also offers a possibility for those, who are unsure whether psychotherapy is the path they want to choose.

Practice limitations: unfortunately the waiting room and the consultation rooms are not wheelchair accessible and not suitable for the physically disabled. If you are affected by these restrictions please approach me with your needs as I am happy to discuss a possible home visitation-option instead.