Psychotherapy in the «Anordnungsmodell»

Billing is based on the time spent in the presence and absence of the patient. The statutory tariff is currently CHF 2.58 per minute. The billing of completed services follows in cooperation with the medical insurance – Ärztekasse.

Therapy services in the presence of the patient (individuals, families, groups) include diagnostics and therapy (also by telephone), crisis interventions and emergency expenses, test diagnostic services, and exposure therapy.

Therapy services in the absence of the patient include preparation and follow-up of the therapy sessions, written therapy planning, evaluations, interpretations and reports of test diagnostic services, psychotherapeutic reports, study of third-party files, exchange of information and coordination with doctors, psychologists and third parties. Compensation for travel expenses with regard to patient contact outside of the treatment rooms.

Cancellation of a therapy session must be made 24 hours before the agreed appointment. If you do not cancel beforehand or do not show up, the therapy session will be charged in full to the patient. Missed sessions do not constitute a benefit under the KVG (basic health insurance). These are billed directly to the patient.

Coverage and health insurance

An order (see Forms – Anordnung) by a doctor is required for your therapy costs to be covered by your basic health insurance provider.

Disability insurance (IV), depending on diagnosis and duration, sometimes reimburses psychotherapy as part of their medical measures.

Self-paying clients are not subject to any inquiries (diagnoses, goals, reports, etc.) from insurance companies.