Psychotherapy: The fee for a 60 minute therapy session is CHF 190.-. The same rate applies for the preliminary session and family sessions. Please contact me directly if the rates for service prevent you from starting therapy, so that we may find an adequate solution.

Coverage and health insurance: In Switzerland, health insurance only partially covers the cost for psychotherapy through a supplementary insurance. Find out in advance about your coverage by contacting your insurance. Disability insurance (IV), depending on diagnosis and duration, sometimes reimburses psychotherapy as part of their medical measures. Self-paying patients are not subject to any inquiries (diagnoses, goals, reports, etc.) from insurance companies.

Groups within the practice
The rate of the disorder-specific therapy groups varies according to the number of members. Group with overlapping topics are accessible to all persons upon registration. The cost ist set at 30.- per person/hour, to be paid directly in cash or invoiced upon request.

Special offer for adolescents: This offer applies only to the overlapping-topic groups. With the parents consent adolescents may apply for compensation in community work instead of paying the fee per session. We discuss and decide individually whether this offer is suitable for you and how you would like to get involved in your community. One hour of community service equates one hour of participating in a group.

Meetup for parents: CHF 15.- per person/hour, to be paid in cash each session

Room of silence: CHF 5.- per person/hour

Groups in other venues

Talks, keynote speeches, mini-workshops: CHF 15.- per person/hour, to be paid in cash upon entry