Group Therapy

Groups within the practice

In addition to, or instead of individual therapy, I consider groups to be beneficial. I offer a variety of such settings, paying attention to the arising needs of the people with whom I work. You can find the different groups on this page and posted in the monthly newsletter.

The contents of group therapy partly relate to specific disorders for patients, as well as to overlapping topics for all interested, such as communication, relaxation, breathing, mindfulness and awareness. The groups target different age groups from children and adolescents to adults or a mix of different ages.

Meetup for parents: A weekly meetup, not limited to parents of babies or toddlers, but open to parents of all age groups. In this casual setting, you are invited to meet with other parents. I am, however, primarily offering this particular space and time for parents to gain awareness of their their role(s) from different angles and to look beyond parenting.

Room of silence: allowing stillness is a once-a-week offer that invites you to sit in silence for an hour. A short introduction precedes this invitation to being still. No prior knowledge is necessary. You will find more information about the when and wheres in the news section.

* The groups, which meet directly in the practice require advanced registration. The number of participants is limited.

Groups in other venues

Talks, keynote speeches, mini-workshops: Take place irregularly and are based on recurring topics with a preventive character, including communication, patterns (from thinking to acting), mindfulness etc., catering to a broader audience. Their content however overlaps with that discussed in the smaller groups, which meet more regularly. The deepening of which enables the participants to take a moment and consider their own interactions with others or themselves.

These talks resemble keynote speeches with practical components all wrapped into a one hour short meeting for the price of CHF 15.- per person.