My psychological approach is based on a systemic training with elements of cognitive and behavioral therapy, as well as a degree in emergency psychology and various seminars in the field of psychotherapy.

I mainly work by using conversational therapy techniques along with a wide range of tools, including plans, creative and projective methods, working with family sculptures, mindfulness, relaxation processes, etc. Together we take a goal-oriented approach in order to develop new life experiences. Discover more about my philosophy here.

Matching: Despite my conviction that personal development is open to everyone, my experience taught me, that I am not the best psychotherapist for every individual. Hence, I take it upon me to point patients to other therapists or institutions, if we do not match in our patient-therapist relationship. The introductory, one-hour preliminary session, serves to help determine our way forward.

Age Range: My main professional experience has been working with school aged children, teenagers and family systems. I am open to working with an involved network of professionals and institutions.

Disorders: My areas of professional interest in the field of psychology and psychopathology include work related to attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxieties, trauma, tics etc. In the context of disorders, I generally find myself drawn towards topics of our emotional experience (anger, joy, grief, fear, disgust), our patterns of thinking and acting, our roles, as well as mindfulness and awareness.

* I do not consider myself an expert in the areas of personality disorders, eating disorders or couple therapy.